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Europarlamentarele Romaniei. Prea putine femei in politica!

Update: sper ca acest comentariu sa nu fie interpretat ca pretext pentru beizadele sau caricaturi. Gandul meu se indreapta spre acele femei care in cariera lor politica au aratat ce inseamna demnitatea, inteligenta, loialitatea si serviciul dezinteresat in politica.

MEP Cretu: Romania’s Parliament has missed the opportunity of asserting its significance in the Romanian political system

MEP Corina Cretu of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Corina Cretu has given an interview to Agerpres in which she talks about the prospects for Romania’s economic development. Cretu, the only Romanian MEP on the European Parliament’s Committee on Development, has been selected to join the leading team of the Parliamentary Network of the World Bank (PnoWB). She said she was somehow shocked to see the lack of interest displayed by several of the MEPs from the former Socialist countries who attended the PnoWB conference in Paris on this matter. ‘

It is true than many of the actions of the Parliamentary Network of the World Bank regard African and Latin American countries. But how can we not be aware that there is enough of Africa and Latin America here in our countries? When I say this I mean the identity of the issues related to underdevelopment, infrastructure and access to essential public services like water supply, sewerage, education and social security.

MEPs from Western Europe are more interested and more sensitive to such issues, because they belong to countries that offer the highest share of economic aid as a percentage of their Gross Domestic Product. This is about a lack of the culture of solidarity, the readiness to help; it is about a social sensibility that we lack,’ said Cretu. Cretu added that World Bank Chairman Robert Zoellick came with an extremely important message to Paris, namely that the World Bank wants to get the national parliaments involved in defining and supporting public policies for development.

This is the vision of a person who believes Parliament to be the main democratic institution, and democracy is an essential condition for successful development. Unfortunately, she said, Romania’s Parliament is discussing marginal issues of petty politics. Parliament should have devoted a special session to analyse the causes and consequences of the crisis, no matter that there was an electioneering campaign. It missed an opportunity to affirm its identity and significance in the Romanian political system, said Cretu.

‘I cannot criticise a process in which I am not involved, and I do not like to teach people lessons. I have just noticed some states of affairs. In fact, there is a long way from accession to the European Union to integration with the European Union. It is our choice, the choice of all Romanians, whether we walk the road quickly or slowly. Quickly, it will entail consensus and responsibility on the part of all the political forces, of all citizens, as well as vision and determination.

Slowly, it means conflicts between institutions, a lack of vision, demagoguery and populism and a lack of administrative capacities. Yet, if we choose to walk the road slowly we have to know that there will be a price to pay, namely underdevelopment, the lack of perspectives, the lack of resources, and, last but not least, the loss of the workforce and intellectuals, who will find a better life somewhere else,’ said MEP Cretu.



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  1. Vine tare Baselina Jolie din urma, rupe gura targului (de carte de la Berlin) cand si-o da ochii peste cap de vreo 2 ori.

  2. @Marius
    Dar buzele hrebengiucite? :)

  3. @G. De buze nu m-am luat, sunt deja uzate ptr public. Crezi ca a ramas cu ele asa din cauza lui hrebenciucu jr?

  4. Multumesc mult pentru aceasta postare. Deocamdata, la Parlamentul Europei stam destul de bine ca procent de reprezentare. In schimb, in Parlamentul national procentul femeilor a scazut de la 11 la 9% dupa ultimele alegeri si suntem in coada clasamentului european.
    Sper ca alegerile din iunie sa aduca si calitate, nu sunt o feminista cu orice pret.
    Adina este un om deosebit.
    Numai bine, o zi frumoasa si multumesc inca o data.

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